UFC first issue training program – Khabib Nurmagomedov

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Khabib Nurgamedov would never have become a famous athlete if he had not been able to work hard on his body. His training is an example of how to develop stamina and individual physical elements.

Balance in everything

These words can be called the sports credo of Habib, as he tries to develop harmoniously. And this means that in his mode there is a place for cardio loads, and for strength training, and for circular training, and even for today’s fashionable crossfit. He works a lot with weights and performs a lot of other, most diverse exercises.

But his main goal is still general endurance, and the athlete achieves it through running. Like many professional fighters, he believes that there is nothing better.

Habib sees running as an effective tool that helps him not only develop stamina, but also train his nervous system when it comes to long-term running loads. Finally, this is a great way to spend a lot of calories, and since Nurgamedov always wants to lose weight before the fight, this is very important for him.

Habib Nurmagomedov's training

At the same time, it must be said that the athlete saved up his endurance reserve from an early age, since he ran a lot in mountain conditions that were quite uncomfortable for the body. Due to the high oxygen saturation of the air, running in the mountains quickly tires and causes a burning sensation in the legs, as lactic acid builds up faster in the muscles due to rarefied air.

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But if you often train in this way, then the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and muscles train in the best way. This is because the body tries to adapt as much as possible to the aggressive environmental conditions.

There are two options for running in the mountains: often, but little by little, or for a long time, but rarely. Habib runs regularly, and before the fight he can train twice as much.

Habib Strength Training

They are, but dosed enough. The speed and intensity of the exercises are not at all similar to what is happening in the training of bodybuilders or fitness models.

Contact sports suggest that weights should lower slowly and in a controlled manner, but the bench press, traction and any other main movement should be as explosive as possible., That is, fast. The most important thing is the technique, which means too much weight is useless.

A simple example is the bench press, when it lowers to the chest as slowly as possible, and then literally takes off. This is the type of training that best suits the requirements of the fighters.

But classical strength training for athletes is contraindicated, as it makes them clumsy. They need to train fast and slow fibers in a single repetition.


Interesting about Habib training

The athlete does exercises on the press with his own weight, according to the classics, since he believes that weights enslave him. As for power classics, the opposite is true – Habib considers her boring and does not like to do any ordinary exercises from the arsenal of bodybuilding and fitness.

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Unusual and jogging performed by Nurgamedov. Its special format is a combination of sprinting, interval training and classic cardio, which usually looks like a slow run lasting an hour or two, interspersed with sprints lasting ten minutes.

Despite the fact that Habib is a fan of training to failure, he recommends a good recovery after them. If recovery does not occur, you do not need to overpower yourself, it is better to wait a bit.

Ability to lose weight

During the rest period, the athlete’s weight can fluctuate between 82 and 85 kilograms, but he tries to go out in a fight at a weight of 70 kilograms, which means that he needs to lose 12 to 15 kilos, which he does thanks to a rigid diet, which he sits every time when she finds out about the next fight. His weight loss is usually long, and therefore does not affect health and stamina.

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