UFC Fighter Training: Key Exercises

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What is UFC ?

The growing popularity of mixed martial arts is largely due to the success of the largest and most famous MMA promotion – the Ultimate Fighting Championship. UFC President Dana White (Dana White) managed to gather under the auspices of his organization the most powerful and technical fighters who show vivid and spectacular fights. Some athletes, for example, Conor McGregor, became stars not only due to victories in the octagon, but also because of their shocking behavior in everyday life. Fans, whose number is increasing annually, are watching not only the bloody battles, but also the antics of their idols – thrashtocking – in social networks.

The first UFC tournament took place in November 1993 in Denver. The organizers conceived it as a one-time event, but the success of the event gave impetus to the development of a new sport and the holding of a series of tournaments. The public’s interest in the fights of athletes representing different types of martial arts has contributed to the creation of an entire MMA industry in various countries of the world.

The modern version of the UFC rules provides for fights of 3 rounds for regular fights and 5 rounds for fights for the championship belt, the length of the round is 5 minutes. Despite the popular name “fighting without rules”, there are a number of restrictions for fighters in the octagon: blows to the throat, groin, back of the head, kicks to the head of a lying opponent, and poking in the eyes are prohibited.

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The UFC is working hard to attract even more fans. The geography of tournaments is constantly expanding, the best venues that can accommodate many spectators are selected, the quality of broadcasts is constantly growing, a series of computer games has been released. The organization has concluded exclusive contracts with equipment supplier Reebok, the largest poker room PokerStars and media holding ESPN. However, the main reason for the popularity of UFC is the appearance in the cage of the best fighters in the world in each weight category.

In MMA, you can’t achieve high results simply by pumping iron in the gym. The main part of the complex of exercises should be directed to the dynamics, and not to the statics. Training of fighters participating in MMA competitions should lead to the development of general and special endurance, explosive strength. We have chosen 5 basic exercises that contribute to improving the level of physical fitness, which are able to give results in a short time.

MMA fighter exercises

Before the start of the main part of the mma training workouts, it is necessary to conduct a warm-up that will prepare all muscle groups for stress, as well as reduce pain during the following days. Be sure to take time to stretch, this will help to avoid unnecessary injuries. American coaches usually reduce this stage of training to 10-15 minutes. In the pre-competitive training period, the intensity and duration of the warm-up increases.

1. Burpy with pull-up

Exercise develops several muscle groups: hips, chest, arms, abs. Burpy helps to speed up metabolism, which is important for athletes involved in martial arts. If you add pull-ups on the horizontal bar to the standard burpy, you will get an excellent complex exercise for both strength and endurance.

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2. Deadlifts with weights

Weights are not so often used in training fighters, most often they gather dust somewhere in the far corner of the hall. However, the use of exercises with weights in the training process increases explosive power, which is especially important for mixed martial arts fighters. Take a stable position: feet shoulder width apart, weights in lowered arms. Perform the standard exercise “deadlift”, while always keeping your back straight.

3. Push-ups on the loops TRX

Abdominal exercises on gymnastic rings or the loops of TRX that appeared not so long ago are aimed at the development of stabilizing muscles of the body. Training on this difficult-to-master projectile can both indicate your strengths and discover weaknesses in physical fitness.

4. Sparring

Sparring is one of the main elements of the preparation of any mixed martial arts fighter. During the training match, not only physical preparation is checked, but also the moral qualities and the “fighting intelligence” of the athlete. Sparring should take place at least once a week, their inclusion in the training process will allow you to quickly prepare for the debut at the competition.

5. Pool

Going to the pool will be a great end to your workout. Exercises during swimming do not lead to muscle injuries, there is no load on the spine. Swimming contributes to the removal of decay products from the body. It is enough to swim 300-400 meters in order to relax the muscles “clogged” during strenuous exercises in the gym.

Do not forget about proper nutrition after training. How to make a crossfit workout? Diet is a prerequisite for achieving high results in sports. For dinner, fish dishes with a side dish of rice, a vegetable salad are suitable. A portion of a vitamin cocktail will help restore the body after exertion.

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