How to create a training program for crossfit?

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Features and benefits of this direction of training. What exercises should be included in the program. Useful tips.

Adherents of active sports and a healthy lifestyle always have a choice. You can give preference to strength training, focus on aerobic exercise or choose crossfit. What is the peculiarity of this direction? What crossfit training programs are the most effective, and what are the features of each option? Consider these issues in more detail.

Crossfit program or how to make a workout for yourself

The beauty of crossfit lies in its variability, and for this he is loved by many athletes. Arriving in the gym for training, you will always see on the board from the coach a new one that differs from the previous WOD. In rare cases, you will repeat the same complex, and then only if you or your coach want to know how much you have advanced in your physical development. Such repetitions are usually done after a few months.

If you train with a trainer, then the need for self-compilation of WOD automatically disappears. If you want to do functional training on your own and don’t know the principles of building complexes, then in this article we will give some tips.

What it is?

First you need to figure out what crossfit is and what are the features of this area. In fact, this is a sports movement and the company of the same name, which was formed back in 2000 in California. In the role of the founders of the direction were two people – Greg Glazman and Lauren Janey. The creators promoted a philosophy based on a new approach to physical development.

CrossFit was planned as a “clean” direction, which implied the use of only natural strength and endurance. But in practice, most of the athletes who achieved success in the training process took anabolics. It is quite logical that this fact was hushed up, but such a problem took place.

There is a lot of discussion regarding crossfit. Many researchers are sure that this area is characterized by increased trauma and can cause rhabdomyliosis. On the other hand, if the training program is drawn up correctly, then crossfit makes the body more resilient, provides it with strength, and accelerates the process of burning fat.

As a rule, crossfit is popular not only among men, but also among women who set the task to lose weight faster. Crossfit is based on several areas – plyometrics, WIT, gymnastics, weightlifting, plastic, weight-lifting and other areas. Since 2010, all promotion issues have been taken over by Reebok.

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Earlier, we mentioned a number of disadvantages of crossfit. Now it is worth highlighting the main advantages of the direction. The first virtue is the ability to develop incredible willpower. Here you have to work to the limit. When the heart breaks out of the chest, and sweat pours over the body, then inevitably there will be a desire to stop the training. It is at this stage that the will manifests itself – the desire to complete the approach, so the body again and again performs the task.

In addition, crossfit is a great way to lose excess fat for both women and men. According to statistics, up to 1000 calories can be removed in one training session, which is equivalent to 30 km on a bicycle. If you correctly approach the preparation of a training program and at the same time eat right, then the result can be phenomenal. The level of fat under the skin goes off at a tremendous speed, and the muscles take on a relief.

CrossFit is a “free” sport that can be practiced without the use of expensive simulators. The whole range of training can be organized in the open. The sports direction is available for both pros and beginners, regardless of age. For example, recently, at a crossfit championship, a 56-year-old man entered the TOP-20.

We train at home

Many people do not have the opportunity to train in some special conditions. In this situation, both men and women have a great alternative – crossfit training programs that can be carried out at home. Here it is worth highlighting several options:

  1. The number of laps is unlimited, the total time to complete is 10 minutes. The principle of the training program is simple. Three basic exercises are done here – 10 burpies, 20 squats and 30 leg lifts from a lying position. The main thing is to strictly adhere to the number of repetitions and work for 10 minutes. To make crossfit more effective, it’s worthwhile to create a special notebook and fix the total number of circles made in it. This is necessary in order to subsequently break your own records.
  2. The number of circles is five. In this training program, it is worth doing four exercises in turn – 5 push-ups (in the standing position on your hands), 10 lunges with bouncing, 15 emphasis on the arms with change of legs during the jump and 200 meters of fast running. The main thing here is to go through all five circles. As for push-ups on the hands, they can be done near the wall. If the exercise is difficult, then really replace it with classic push-ups. As already mentioned, such a crossfit can be organized at home. But the main problem is to find a place for sprint. In an extreme case, normal running is allowed on the spot for 26-30 seconds.
  3. The lead time is 20 minutes. The lesson is more suitable for men because of the difficulty of execution (preferably not beginners). The training program involves the implementation of three basic exercises – 15 repetitions of the burpee, 15 jumps to climb (the higher the better), 15 swing the kettlebell.
    The training lasts 20 minutes, a minute for each exercise. If it takes less than 60 seconds, you can take a longer break. For example, in the first minute, do a burpee, in the second – jumping, and in the third – swinging weights. At first glance, the exercises seem easy, but they are not. Such a crossfit is more suitable not for beginner athletes, but for experienced athletes.
  4. One lap is running. The main task is to improve your time. Here, five exercises are performed alternately with the fixation of the training time: 800 meters of running, 50 push-ups, 100 squats, 150 fall-up exercises and 800 meters of running. If you can’t train with great intensity, you need to do everything at a slower pace. This option is good for beginners, because it allows you to gradually improve results and make the body more resilient.
  5. The maximum number of laps is performed, the training time is 15 minutes. Such a crossfit is good for men who are not afraid to challenge the body. This implies the implementation of five exercises – 10 “pistols”, 10 pull-ups, 10 jumps, 10 push-ups, 10 “fell-rose” approaches. If the first exercise is difficult, then you can do it near the wall or take a special counterweight to help. In the case where there is no place to pull yourself, skip this exercise and do the rest. For beginners, this training option seems endless. Especially if you do all the exercises with maximum intensity. So, to cover the entire distance, it is better to calculate strength and take your time.
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Option for wrestlers

CrossFit is good in that it can be used even when training professional athletes. Wrestlers are no exception. The main difficulty is that such classes should be held only under the supervision of experienced craftsmen because of the high probability of injury. The purpose of the work is the elimination of weak (undeveloped) zones. In addition, the trainer should control not only the result of the training process, but also a number of medical indicators, including:

  • Time to recover from the complex;
  • The reaction of the body to certain exercises, namely a change in pressure, pulse, and so on.

To improve efficiency, the proposed training program may change once a week. The emphasis is allowed to do on various muscle groups – explosive strength, just strength, endurance, speed and so on.

  • A popular option is the development of strength. Feature – the presence of rest between exercises for 3-5 minutes. This is important when work is being done on a mass basis. The time to complete each exercise is no more than 90 seconds. The cycle has the following form – a press on the bar, pulling up (wide grip), lifting the bar with a jerk, lifting dumbbells to the biceps with a jerk, bench press, deadlift.
  • The second option is to develop speed. Here the mode is different. First, for 30 seconds, the exercise is performed with maximum activity, followed by a minute of rest. The total number of circles is 3-4. Exercises – work with a skipping rope (the faster the better), throwing the ball to the floor (quickly catch the wrinkle and continue the workout), swing weights (the arm should be extended), burpee.
  • The third option is to develop explosive power. Here the principle is the same as when working at speed with the only difference – the rest time is up to 120 seconds. As for the exercises themselves, the set is as follows – barbell emissions forward and up, pushing the kettlebell up, quick push-ups, jumping out of a sitting position.
  • The fourth option is endurance work. The peculiarity of the principle is that it is necessary to rest between circles, but not less than two or three minutes. Each of the exercises should be done at a speed of 12-15 burpees, 15-20 meters of weight transfer, 15-20 lunges with a barbell, 1-1.5 minutes of rowing, 2-5 lifts on a rope.
nuances of classes

Again, it is worth noting that the crossfit exercises described above should be carried out under the guidance of an experienced master. Otherwise, there may be no result or personal injury.

General rules

Before you start training, consider a few simple rules:

  1. Training necessarily begins with a warm-up – this is the main rule.
  2. The duration of one lesson is up to 30 minutes. If there is no experience yet, then 20 minutes.
  3. Each exercise should be done with the greatest activity (here nuances are possible depending on the goals set).
  4. Resting is allowed after performing one exercise or after passing a circle (cycle). Much depends on personal endurance and type of exercise. With each subsequent workout, resting time may be reduced.
  5. The number of laps depends on the type of exercise. It is limited only by the time period that is allocated to the training process. As a result, the main task is to increase the number of completed laps, and not to increase the total time of classes.
  6. In one training day, exercises for different muscle groups should be included. At the same time, cardio and strength exercises should take place in the program.
  7. It is forbidden to abuse water intake when doing classes, because the body has to work in a mode of special intensity. Drinking a portion of water is allowed only at the end of the entire cycle – after 20 minutes.
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Despite a number of shortcomings, crossfit is one of the most interesting and popular destinations. First of all, because of the opportunity to develop the best qualities of your body and quickly achieve results. The main thing is to have a proven training program at hand, and then everything will work out.