Functional training – the development of all physical indicators in one training

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CrossFit is the best option for functional development.

Crossfit is aimed at the development of each muscle group, and a special training system allows you to make maximum emphasis on the functional development of the athlete.

CrossFit Functional Development

Functional Development in CrossFit

Functional development should be based on the following types of training:

  • Strength training. We use high intensity lap trainings.
  • Aerobic training. We pump the cardiovascular system, develop endurance with medium and low intensity training.

Thanks to the combination of power and aerobic load, we get a universal athlete who can cope with any everyday task.

Circular training is a set of principles that must be observed:

  • The principle of progression of loads. Gradually increase the number of circles, add weight and the number of repetitions. You need to progress every 1-3 trainings. Only in this case the functional development is maximized.
  • The principle of supercompensation. We train only when the body allows you to do this.
  • The principle of gradualness. We increase the load gradually, otherwise drive the body into overtraining or get injured. Read more about these principles here.

Distinctive features of circular training

Crossfit Circuit Training
  • Circular training saves you time, but requires an incredible investment of energy in a short period of time. During 5-15 minutes of training, you will have almost no rest. You will have to do the exercises one by one and after 1-2 minutes you won’t like it.
  • After a crossfit workout, the sensations are fantastic e. The athlete feels that he has accomplished something significant. That he finally found the source of life. Such sensations are caused by the intensive work of the hormonal system, which injects the hormones of pleasure into the blood in response to overcoming stress.
  • Circular training is not only a functional development. This is an opportunity to gain muscle mass, dry, improve appearance .
  • Circular training is a risky exercise for people with a sick cardiovascular system . Before starting the training, check the condition of the heart muscle.
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Aerobic training and functional development

Crossfit aerobic training

Aerobic training performs 3 tasks:

  • They develop the cardiovascular system , thereby offsetting the harm of crossfit.
  • Remove harmful substances from the body , allow you to relax after a hard crossfit workout.
  • They develop endurance, pump slow muscle fibers, and improve the functioning of all body systems. Functional development is possible without the use of aerobic training, but with the help of running (jumping rope, performing various aerobic exercises), the effectiveness and safety of training increases.

Training programs for functional development

CrossFit Functionality

The first workouts may look like this:

Functional development. Day number 1

ExerciseWeightRepetitionsRest in seconds after exerciseRound
Chin pull-ups10fifteen        1
Weightless Squatsfifteen60
Chin pull-ups10fifteen        2
Weightless Squatsfifteen60
Chin pull-ups10fifteen        3
Weightless Squatsfifteen60

Functional development. Day number 2

ExerciseThe approachesDuration in minutesRest in minutes between setsRest in minutes after exercise
Easy pace1fifteen3
Shuttle 10 to 10523
Easy pace1fifteen

Functional development. Day number 3

ExerciseWeightRepetitionsRest in seconds after exerciseRound
Shoulder Squats6010fifteen        1
Horizontal bench press408fifteen
Shoulder Squats6010fifteen        2
Horizontal bench press408fifteen
Shoulder Squats6010fifteen        3
Horizontal bench press408fifteen

Weight is an individual indicator that can be changed depending on your training.

Functional Development in CrossFit