Bodybuilding strength training program

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Strength training in bodybuilding is an opportunity to increase strength, as well as accelerate progress in muscle growth.

Strength training is the foundation of muscle growth, with which we get:

  • Strong ligaments, joints and tendons . Strength training is aimed not so much at muscle hypertrophy as at strengthening the above systems of the body.
  • Training of muscles and muscle stabilizers that will participate in bodybuilding training.

Strength training in bodybuilding. What does it look like?

Strength training in bodybuilding

Strength training in bodybuilding is:

  • The application of basic exercises . Bench press, deadlift, pull-ups, variation of rods, bench presses, squats;
  • Low reps . 2 to 6 reps per set;
  • Substantial rest . Strength training is a load on the nervous system, which needs a little more time to recover than muscles and energy. This is expressed both in the lower frequency of training and in a greater rest between sets and exercises;
  • Progression of loads . It is necessary to constantly increase the weight of weights so that strength training is complete.

Who needs strength training?

Strength training for girls

Bodybuilding programs should be replaced by strength training for the following groups of people:

  • Artistic beginners . Representatives of the category “typical stinging” – weight 50-65 kilograms, skin and bones. Such beginners need to be given a minimum of exercises with maximum effect. Emphasis on strength training, as in the absence of muscles, a hard gainer can “burn out” from a voluminous bodybuilding training.
  • Athletes who wish to develop a functional . Strength training is used as part of cycling. Example: 3 months an athlete trains in bodybuilding programs, 3 months – strength training, the next 12 weeks – crossfit, and the last quarter of the year – an emphasis on running training. Other types of load may be present in each period, but as supporting, not basic. We get the perfect athlete who can fulfill any task.
  • Athletes who need to “break the plateau” get rid of the training routine. Example: over the past 3 months, an athlete cannot squeeze more than 120 kilograms in 5 sets of 8 reps. Due to the lack of progress, he is sick of the barbell, the craving for training disappears, and symptoms of psychological overwork appear. Either the athlete will rest with a partial loss of result, or he will try another type of training. In the next training session, he squeezes 130 by 4. Then – 135 by 4. 140 by 3. And so on, up to 170 kilograms. When he, without symptoms of overtraining, returns to a 120 kilogram barbell, he discovers that he can squeeze it not 8, but 12 times. Not in 5, but in 7 approaches. The plateau is overcome, strength training has helped. You can move forward in bodybuilding training.
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Strength training. Newbie Program

Beginner Strength Program

Day number 1

ExerciseThe approachesRepetitionsRest in minutes between setsRest in minutes between exercises
Bench press352,55
Inclined rod pull352,55
Biceps Barbell Lifting3425
Farmer walk515 seconds with heavy weight25
Bench press342,5

Day number 2

ExerciseThe approachesRepetitionsRest in minutes between setsRest in minutes between exercises
Breast pulls (with extra weight)352,55
Dips (with extra weight)352,55
Shoulder Squats3535
Straight bar pull3425
Bench Press342,55

We select the weight yourself.

Strength training. Program to overcome the plateau

How to overcome a plateau

Using the bench press as an example:

Training day number 1WeightThe approachesRepetitionsRest in minutes between sets

It is not necessary to progress in every workout. Weight is an example on the basis of which you can track the way the program is built.

You can not reach up to 170 kg. The bottom line is that strength training will help you distract from the usual patterns, achieve progress in bodybuilding.

Strength training for girls